We’re evolving! Moving forward, Aquasuite will become part of Twinn


Our aim is to deliver the best tools and training that continuously provide added value to our clients. We continuously invest in improvements to our products, collaborate closely with our clients and provide comprehensive user training.


Aquasuite Subscription

We offer Aquasuite Subscription for access to our latest proven technology, helping you stay on top of the latest innovations.

With Subscription your Aquasuite software is upgraded every contract year, providing new features, functions and enhancements at no additional cost. As part of this service, our engineers are available to answer questions and offer online support and troubleshooting to keep your systems performing optimally.

We implement improvements to our products several times a year – including additional functions, bug fixes and continuous improvements in software accessibility and user-friendliness.


Aquasuite Subscription includes

  • Access to the latest Aquasuite version
  • Annual software updates and bug fixes
  • Standby service via helpdesk
  • Operational assistance
  • Annual evaluation with users

Benefits of Aquasuite Subscription

  • Easy to upgrade and scale
    Continuous access to the latest proven technology. Our subscription enables you to upgrade and scale without additional costs. Licenses are easily adjusted to meet your needs.
  • Fixed cost, predictable budgeting (OPEX)
    With a subscription you pay a fixed price per year. As costs are confirmed for an entire contract term, whether it’s a single or multi year contract, budgeting becomes more predictable and transparent.
  • Support and assistance
    24/7 access to our support platform to ask questions and request assistance.

Aquasuite Training

When we implement Aquasuite software, we want to ensure you make use of its full potential by showing you all its benefits. We offer operator training, including training certificates, ensuring maximum efficiency right from the start. We provide post-implementation support should employees have questions or need further assistance after their training.

Like to know more about our subscription and training possibilities? Contact us via aquasuite@rhdhv.com or fill in the advice form and we will contact you soon.

For our customers
Customers can submit a ticket via our support portal
support.royalhaskoningdhv.com amd can expect a response from our support team within two working days.

Annual Aquasuite User Conference
We host the Aquasuite User Conference for our clients annually, where we introduce new innovations and clients share their experiences. For a glimpse of our user conference, watch the video of our 10th Aquasuite User Conference on April 10, 2019.