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Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment

Industries grow and transform rapidly and with ambitious targets put pressure on water and energy usage. While industrial wastewater treatment is often not part of the core business, it is an important process that is critical for the continued success of your company. Wastewater treatment requires adequate measures and ongoing effort to remain compliant and help optimize economic and environmental performance.

Dealing with fluctuating loads, ever more stringent environmental regulations, large volumes of sludge, an aging workforce and dated assets, results in huge pressure on your wastewater treatment and surrounding network.

So, how do you reduce costs and ensure stability and continuity of your operations, while meeting future demands? How can you make sure wastewater doesn’t stand in the way of your ambitions? And how can you have better management of your assets?

PURE for Industry

Our data-driven solutions provide a real-time, optimised response to process fluctuations, improving your operational efficiency and reducing risk. This is done by advanced automation of your treatment processes using predictive analytics, world class insight in process engineering and extensive experience of process automation.

You gain critical insight into the wastewater infrastructure and assets, while the autopilot controls and optimises operations. This allows you to focus more on your core business and also reduces the use of valuable resources, such as energy and chemicals, while mitigating emissions.

Proven AI-algorithms and the use of soft-sensors define optimal process conditions. Predictive feed-forward controls are used to adjust critical parameters. In aeration, which accounts for 45-75% of total energy consumption of a typical plant, up to 20% savings can be made. Clever use of buffer capacity ensures more stable operations and gas production (anaerobic), optimizing your assets’ utilisation and lifespan.

Chemical dosing for pH-control or nutrient demands is dynamic and based on actual biological requirements, leading to lower operational expenditures and a lower footprint. Depending on the state of operation, savings of 15-60% are to be expected.

Mitigate your operational risks

As a secondary but critical asset, process continuity of your wastewater treatment plant is crucial to meet your primary ambitions. This requires adequate and tedious management of your assets, capacity, costs and knowledge . With our extensive knowledge of industrial water treatment and process automation we developed a virtual operator that relieves you of these risks, 24/7. Our proven machine learning algorithms increase efficiency, uptime and compliance, allowing you to be more in control and spending less time firefighting. In more tangible terms, this means efficient aeration and buffering, stable operation and biogas production and decreased consumption of electricity and chemicals.

Anaerobic controller

As an example, anaerobic treatment plants often have lower operational tolerances compared to their aerobic counterparts. Therefore, they require constant and specific attention by skilled operators, usually difficult to integrate into day-to-day operations. For instance, washout of sludge after overloading is a well-known issue, causing a landslide of operational problems. Ultimately, this could result in expensive sludge seeding sludge or even starting from scratch. Aquasuite’s virtual operator is used as a permanent safeguard on installations, mitigating operational risks. Additionally, with our optimisation algorithms you also benefit from higher, more stable gas production, allowing you to meet sustainability targets.

From data to value and insight

Adequate visualisation of information is vital. It not only provides information on your plant’s performance and operability, but also guides your decision-making processes. Your data is more valuable as it is clear at first glance and can provide you with information to achieve operational excellence. With Aquasuite Analytics you will gain better insight into your plant through our well-defined dashboards. KPIs based on your demands and our domain knowledge will give you renewed actionable insight, ranging from biological performance to projected yearly costs and asset maintenance required. Our data scientists and engineers are experts in forecasting models, anomaly detection and decision support, providing you with the tools to be more in control. Gain more awareness for your business and make the transition from reactive operations to predictive governance.

What we offer:

  • Higher uptime with fewer calamities
  • Debottlenecking existing installations
  • Decreased dependency on 24/7 operator availability
  • Reduced human errors
  • Improved compliance and discharge quality
  • Lower operational expenses
  • Improved sludge properties and handling
  • Increased aeration efficiency
  • Higher, more constant biogas production
  • Better insight in KPIs through dashboarding
  • Efficient asset management and lower TCO
  • Improved decision support and operational excellence

Our technology:

  • Predictions through A.I. and Neural Networks
  • Feed-forward control
  • Soft-sensoring
  • Intelligent nutrient and chemical dosing
  • Optimized buffering algorithms
  • Membrane optimisation
  • Asset management
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Latest security and web standards
  • Compatibility with most SCADA/PLC systems