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Drinking water

Water demand can vary significantly by area and time of day. As a drinking water company, you want to secure your customers a constant, uninterrupted supply of high-quality water at all times. Realising this depends on many factors, including the reliability of your systems and their performance, and your ability to make accurate predictions based on quality data.

Through machine learning, Aquasuite predicts water demand for the next 72 hours. Combining these insights with leak and burst location tools, you can create a stable and robust water network. Underground assets can be managed in a cost-effective way through preventative maintenance.

Understanding water demand gives you the ability to automatically control the water supply in your network; creating a stable production flow with up to 90% less variation. A constant production rate leads to lower overall system pressure, lower peak factor production and transportation. It furthermore decreases the probability of bursts and leaks, preventing serious water losses.

The demand for water is now expected to exceed available supply in many catchments worldwide. It is critical to take urgent action to create a reliable, resilient and sustainable water supply that will meet growing water demand for years to come.


Ensure resilient water supply

Delivering a resilient water supply depends on the ability to anticipate and respond rapidly to changes. This begins with understanding water infrastructure. Comprehensive insight into your underground assets will extend equipment life by enabling preventative or scheduled maintenance, reducing disruption and keeping your assets future proof. The demand for water is now expected to exceed available supply in many catchments worldwide. It is critical to take urgent action to create a reliable, resilient and sustainable water supply that will meet growing water demand for years to come.

Optimise abstraction and distribution

In accurately predicting water demand in specific locations up to 72 hours in advance, Aquasuite can align abstraction and distribution. Water use varies greatly during the day due to many different factors, including time of day and weather conditions, and so accurate predictions are essential to anticipate water demand. In addition to guaranteeing clean, fresh water from household taps, accurate prediction helps you reduce wear, malfunctions and water loss. Streamlining abstraction and distribution improves water quality by 20% and improves energy efficiency in production by 5-10%.

Optimise pump scheduling

Pump efficiency is challenged by shifting water demand patterns and variable electricity tariffs. Ideally, pumping should be scheduled at peak or near-peak efficiency and at times when electricity prices are lowest. Optimising pump scheduling requires the ability to anticipate shifting water demand patterns and recognition of electricity pricing schedules.

Aquasuite incorporates weather forecasting and energy market prices with water demand predictions and other relevant data within its modelling. It then automatically selects the pumps that can operate most efficiently and effectively. In addition, it also advises when a pump requires maintenance or replacement.

Aquasuite OPIR measures the pressure and volume flow of a pump group and focuses in on individual pumps. Using artificial intelligence, Aquasuite learns the pump curve from measured operating points. Through combinations of suction pressure, pump pressure, flow pump speed and energy consumption, Aquasuite calculates the optimal pump combinations that deliver the greatest efficiency. Running at maximum efficiency both saves energy and also expands the pump’s lifetime.

Reduce energy costs

Reducing energy costs requires primary insight into current energy use at all locations and how water distribution influences energy use. Aquasuite OPIR measures energy use at multiple locations to understand the trends. Prediction of energy use per location is calculated based on production, distribution and pressure, together with levels in the water reservoir. Energy prediction is conducted two ways: (1) based on actual, real-time measurements, and (2) over 15 minute intervals for the next 72 hours.

Predicting energy use provides insight into the expected energy use per location and compares its efficiency against average. The ability to predict 72 hour demand per supply area enables constant production rates, a steadier pumping rate, and therefore reduced energy consumption. By shifting the pump operations to lower energy-tariff hours, energy costs can be reduced even further.

Reduce leakage and bursts

It is estimated that a third of clean water is lost before it reaches homes and businesses. This is as result of leaks and bursts in the network. With growing demand for water, addressing this is a priority for all water companies.

Bursts and leaks are often caused by high water pressure in pipes. Predictive technology helps to deliver steady water production, which evens out water pressures and reduces the likelihood of leaks and bursts.

Through constant monitoring of underground assets, any initial degradation in pipelines is detected early. This enables fast resolution and prevents further issues.

Reduce peak flows and defer capital investment

Investing in new infrastructure creates enormous costs for water companies – and often, more efficient use of existing networks can prevent the need to expansion or replacement of pipes.

While some networks may not be equipped to manage peak flow rates. Using predictive technology can eliminate the need for major flows, keeping the current network fit for purpose. Furthermore, in delivering a constant production rate, Aquasuite prevents turbidity peaks caused by flow variations. Overall, capital investments can be postponed through more efficient use of production and transportation facilities.


Detect and find leaks and bursts

Self-learning technologies now enable us to make demand, flow and pressure predictions. These deliver major advantage in identifying when leaks and bursts occur within the water supply network. Leaks can be quickly located to reduce the time for repair.

Comparing network predictions with real-time data highlights anomalies that may be the result of leaks. Learning the variance at each node is used to develop a very accurate alarm threshold variance. The real-time flow is compared instantaneously to the nodal prediction and to historical flow data to identify smaller leaks and bursts.

Support asset management of distribution network

Meeting the growing demand for water relies on a robust and well-maintained water network. Managing water assets, particularly underground pipelines, is essential. Early detection of issues and preventative maintenance are the key to protecting these vital assets. Aquasuite’s sophisticated prediction and detection capabilities ensure that assets can be managed in the most cost efficient, least disruptive way.