Wastewater treatment plant Utrecht more sustainable with Royal HaskoningDHV’s Aquasuite software

Royal HaskoningDHV will implement Aquasuite® software at Utrecht sewage treatment plant in 2018. Utrecht operates one of the largest sewage treatment plants in the Netherlands and once complete, will treat 84 million litres of sewage. Aquasuite® MINE will optimise the operation and maintenance of the Nereda® sludge line (430,000 PE) and the external sludge line (400,000 PE). This will enable the Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Authority, which owns the treatment plant, to operate more sustainably and to significantly reduce its sludge processing costs.

Wastewater treatment plant Utrecht before the start of the construction of the new Nereda® installation. © by Heijmans and GMB

With the smart Aquasuite® software, Royal HaskoningDHV makes a significant contribution to public cost savings, sustainability, the circular economy and climate adaptation in the Dutch and international water chain. Aquasuite® is applied in more than 100 complex water systems throughout the world.

“Sustainability and efficiency is a high priority for the Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Authority. Aquasuite® will make a significant contribution to these key values,” says Pim van der Sar, Technical Manager of the Utrecht sewage treatment plant where Aquasuite® will be implemented. “We are very curious about the initial results for 2018.”


The Aquasuite modules use self-learning algorithms for various purposes, including predicting the volume of sludge and its quality, self-regulating thickeners, centrifuges, chemical dosing and sludge transport. According to Danny Traksel – Director Business Development at Royal HaskoningDHV – there will be an annual 10% reduction of operating costs at Utrecht sewage treatment plant. Traksel: “Due to the integrated approach and predictive, adaptive management of the entire sludge line, we will be able to save hundreds of thousands of euros per year. And because no two sewage treatment plants are the same, Aquasuite MINE is equipped with a self-learning function. This enables the self-learning sludge line to adjust to changes in the sludge’s composition, demographic trends and climate changes.”

In 2017, the Vallei and Veluwe Water Authority also signed up to have its Aquasuite® platform enhanced to include these sludge self-learning modules. The controller for managing the Amersfoort Sewage Treatment Plant’s sludge line will be installed and commissioned in 2018.

26 - 01 - 2018 Author: maha