[video] Introducing DetecAnalytics powered by Aquasuite with UK partner Detectronic

One of the biggest challenges we face is coping with population growth and climate change, so we are seeing particularly heavy, short downfalls of rain coupled with rowing demand for sewage and pumping services. Together with UK partner, monitoring specialist Detectronic we introduce the AI powered predictive analytics tool DetecAnalytics, powered by Aquasuite.

Watch our joint video.

About DetecAnalytics

DetecAnalytics is an AI powered predictive analytics tool powered by Aquasuite for water and sewage companies (WaSC’s). By providing accurate predictions and actionable insights 24 hours a day, DetecAnalytics enables WaSC’s to make well informed decisions around the wastewater network.

Detectronic flow and level monitors located strategically around the catchment collect flow and level data. That information is transmitted to DetecAnalytics; a secure, reliable cloud platform that displays the received information in easy to use dashboards and reports for analysis.

For more information about DetecAnalytics and Aquasuite, contact us via aquasuite@rhdhv.com.

29 - 01 - 2020 Author: maha