Oasen and Aquasuite® BURST FIND: New step in locating leaks

Oasen, one of Royal HaskoningDHV’s Aquasuite clients, recently published an article on their website on their successful roll out of Aquasuite BURST

The article is translated & reproduced below:


After a successful pilot, Oasen has been rolling out the leak localization system Burst Find since the end of May 2018.

It is increasingly possible to detect and locate leaks with measuring equipment and computer systems. The Burst Find system compares pressure measurements in the ground with results from a computer model. This computer model calculates what the pressure would be if there is a leak and then compares the calculated pressure with measured pressure. With this data Oasen can quickly find the leak.

To predict

Burst Find is a collaborative development of six Dutch drinking water companies (PWN, Brabant Water, Oasen, Waterbedrijf Groningen, Dunea and WML) with the company RHDHV. This development builds on years of successful research. RHDHV began working with Oasen in the nineties with a system that made a prediction of drinking water demand. This system, Aquasuite OPIR, recognised patterns and predicted demand at different times of the day. For example, every day you have the peaks in water consumption when everyone gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night. Thanks to this system, Oasen knew how much and when water should be produced to meet the demand. RHDHV conducted further research with OPIR and subsequently discovered that this prediction could also detect leaks.

Where is the leak?

Using the Aquasuite OPIR prediction and DMA flow readings an alarm can be raised when the prediction differs from the readings. Oasen use this to prevent small leaks becoming large leaks. This system, developed with RHDHV, is called Aquasuite Burst Alert and has now been rolled out across the entire supply area.

Aquasuite BURST detected a leak at 11.00, before it was noticed by employees or customers. 


Oasen shared their research and results on leak localisation with RHDHV, who extended BURST to locate leaks. BURST Find uses a predicted pressure together with pressure reading from the field to localise leaks. Oasen have now deployed BURST Find to locate leaks.

With the new system Oasen hope to prevent more leaks. 


Thanks to the combination of systems, Oasen will get more and more grip and insight on their network. There are still plenty of opportunities for the future including connecting BURST with the operation of remote controllable valves. This allows us to intervene remotely if a leak occurs.

02 - 07 - 2018 Author: maha