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Infographic: Ephyra®sludge digestion technology

Sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants is often seen as additional cost. However, it is a potential source for energy and valuable resources such as fertilisers, biopolymers and fatty acids.

Ephyra® is an innovative sludge digestion technology that improves sludge digestion.

How? It optimises and maximises the capacity of existing and new anaerobic digestion tanks.

• Much shorter retention times, as shot as 6 to 8 days
• More sludge degradation
• Better dewatering
• Higher biogas production
• Lower chemical consumption
• Very short payback time

Want to know more about the sludge digestion technology Ephyra®? Send an email to aquasuite@rhdhv.com

19 - 08 - 2020 Author: maha