Aquasuite OPIR

Guaranteed fresh water from every tap

Aquasuite OPIR ensures constant water supply at a consistent pressure for everyone

What is Aquasuite OPIR?

Aquasuite OPIR makes highly accurate predictions of domestic water demand within a supply zone. Its virtual operator uses these predictions to ensure abstraction, pumping, reservoirs and valves (abstraction, treatment and distribution) are optimised to meet demand with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Water demand
prediction using
machine learning


Self-learning water demand prediction

Based on its adaptive self-learning algorithm, Aquasuite OPIR makes accurate predictions of domestic water demand for the next 72 hours using machine learning. It automatically analyses and identifies an area’s daily drinking water consumption patterns. Therefore, it can recognise deviating behaviour to anticipate and respond to sudden changes.



Calm water network

Optimising water abstraction and distribution in line with domestic water demand predictions creates stable and efficient performance. As a result, constant pressure enables stable systems and better operational decisions. Therefore, you can guarantee a continuous high-quality water supply to your customers, while extending the lifespan of your assets. Above all, stable water treatment ensures a calm water network, reducing energy usage by up to 20%.



How it works?

Aquasuite OPIR collects both historical and real-time water consumption data in specific areas. Meanwhile, it considers factors that influence water use. Examples are weather forecast, time of day and special events such as holidays and festivals.

Based on learned patterns, Aquasuite OPIR makes accurate predictions and controls your systems and network in an effective way. When sudden changes take place, such as an event, Aquasuite OPIR anticipates the impact to ensure constant water supply at a consistent pressure.

The application interfaces with existing control systems and processes via SCADA and PLCs and provides set points for controllable assets. The set points ensure minimum energy usage and lowest achievable pressure. Meanwhile, they also ensure minimum pump switching to reduce pressure transients, and a constant production flow to improve water quality. As a holistic, integrated optimiser, Aquasuite OPIR enables water supply companies to meet customer requirements and demand. At the same time it reduces expenditure and leakage. As a matter of fact, with Aquasuite OPIR, approximately 60% of drinking water is supplied in the Netherlands with leakage rates of around 5 to 6%.


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Aquasuite OPIR

Aqusuite OPIR ensures constant water supply, at a consistent pressure for everyone. Download your leaflet for more info.


Aquasuite BURST

Aquasuite BURST detects and localises the smallest bursts and maps the condition of underground pipes. Download your leaflet for more info.



Aquasuite is an AI-powered analyst and auto-pilot for forward thinking utilites and industries. Download your leaflet here for more info.


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