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sludge treatment

Aquasuite MINE

Minimise sludge handling costs

Aquasuite MINE reduces sludge disposal, chemical usage and operational effort

What is Aquasuite MINE?

Aquasuite MINE optimises operational performance of sludge logistics and -dewatering using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It predicts sludge production and monitors buffer levels for improved logistics between sites by prioritising transport movements. Machine learning models help the autopilot with the right setpoints when dewatering sludge. This results in higher dewatering, up to 15% less sludge production, up to 10% less PE consumption, lower processing costs, efficient sludge transportation planning and reduced operational efforts, while producing biogas by up to 10%.

savings in sludge
handling costs


Reliable automated sludge treatment and operation

Managing the sludge treatment process can be quite complex due to the many parameters that need to be monitored by operators. With Aquasuite MINE, setpoints are automatically created based on self-adapting predictive controls. This ensures the highest reliability and minimises operation efforts.



Reduced costs for sludge disposal and chemical use

Sludge disposal often creates major costs. To reduce the expense of sludge disposal, the PE dosage and sludge flow rate need to be optimised. The results are improved sludge dewatering, lower chemical use and significant reduction of costs.



How does it work?

Aquasuite MINE consists of a transport module and a dewatering module. The transport module predicts and controls incoming sludge flow. For primary and secondary sludge, this means optimal use of the buffers in the sludge line. Aquasuite MINE actively controls transport from external treatment plants to the sludge line by using current buffer capacity of the external treatment plants. Truck drivers receive an online overview and live instruction on which buffers to empty. Despite constant supply through the transport module, there will always be incidents of fluctuation in flow quality or quantity. The Aquasuite MINE dewatering module optimises dewatering and PE consumption settings based on current values such as inflow, centrate quality and DS dewatering result. Performance details are also stored in a database. Optimum settings from the database are used to adjust both the dewatering device and the PE dosage to optimum settings.


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Aquasuite FLOW

Aquasuite FLOW improves wastewater treatment performance by controlling and monitoring wastewater transport. Download your leaflet for more info.


Aquasuite PURE

Aquasuite PURE optimises nutrients removal and sludge supply to sludge line. Download your leaflet for more info.