Aquasuite SEWR - avoid sewer overflows

Aquasuite SEWR

Avoid sewer overflows, meet stringent regulations

Aquasuite SEWR detects blocked sewers to prevent flooding, unconsented spills and high penalties

What is Aquasuite SEWR?

Aquasuite SEWR uses machine learning & AI to provide actionable insights on sewer networks. It is the newest module of Aquasuite and was developed to provide useful information for wastewater network operators. 

SEWR provides two key insights:
1. Prediction of high levels in the sewer network within the next 48 hours 
2. Anomaly Detection in the sewer network 



Prediction of high levels in the sewer network within the next 48 hours

With predictions of high levels wastewater utilities are able to provide pro-active warning to their community and stakeholders that unavoidable pollution events may occur in the near future (for example CSO spills).  This allows mitigating actions to be taken and ensure danger to the environment is minimised.


Anomaly Detection in the sewer network

The Anomaly detection software provides the ability to detect blockages in sewers (such as fatbergs) by using an AI algorithm to compare real-time data from field sensors with an augmented real-time prediction of level.  Discrepancies indicate an up or downstream blockage.



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"We are undoubtedly in better control of the operation of the whole wastewater treatment plant, regardless of the flow conditions."

Water Authority Vallei en Veluwe transformed operations at eight wastewater treatment
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Optimised quality of the produced water and minimised operational costs.

Brabant Water delivers about 300.000 m3 drinking water per day for 2,5 million people. The water supply system consists of over 18.000 km water grid and 30 water treatment works….

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Aquasuite FLOW

Aquasuite FLOW improves wastewater treatment performance by controlling and monitoring wastewater transport. Download your leaflet for more info.


Aquasuite PURE

Aquasuite PURE optimises nutrients removal and sludge supply to sludge line. Download your leaflet for more info.


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