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Aquasuite PURE

Meet effluent quality regulations efficiently

Aquasuite PURE® optimises nutrient removal and sludge supply to sludge line

What is Aquasuite PURE?

Aquasuite PURE is a machine learning and AI solution for the control and optimisation of wastewater treatment works. It uses the proven Aquasuite AI algorithms to predict influent flow and load, enabling its virtual operator to control the wastewater treatment works with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Total Nitrogen


Energy and Nitrogen reduction 

With Aquasuite PURE, nutrient removal and the energy and chemical use of your wastewater treatment process are optimised. Aquasuite PURE has been proven to deliver energy reduction of up to 18% and reduction in Total Nitrogen by up to 50.7%. 



Focus on technical tasks

Aquasuite PURE’s virtual operator maintains stable and compliant control at all times of the day and year. This allows skilled operators to focus on specialist technical tasks rather than day-to-day operation of the WwTP.



How it works?

Aquasuite PURE uses existing sensors and instruments to gain a complete understanding of the wastewater treatment process.  It uses machine learning and external factors such as weather, public holidays, etc., to make a very accurate prediction of influent flow and load.  Aquasuite PURE additionally learns the relationships between key treatment stages such as aeration, influent flow & load and required effluent quality.

The system uses this clear oversight of the processes to become a virtual operator for the wastewater treatment plant. It uses the learnt relationships between each of the processes and the required effluent quality to provide predictive control set points for each process, based on the predicted influent flow and load.  This drives the most efficient combination of processes, whilst still achieving the required effluent quality.  Aquasuite further uses a self-learning algorithm to iteratively improve its set-point determination which, together with the AI predictions, results in very stable and energy efficient wastewater treatment.

Aquasuite collects data from numerous data sources and automatically provides control set points to assets via existing SCADA or PLC control methods.  Its aim is to be hardware agnostic and work with existing sensors, data collection and control systems.


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Optimised quality of the produced water and minimised operational costs.

Brabant Water delivers about 300.000 m3 drinking water per day for 2,5 million people. The water supply system consists of over 18.000 km water grid and 30 water treatment works….

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J.V. De Stichtse Kraan and Water board Stichtse Rijnlanden
Better dewatering performance and optimised transportation.

Wastewater treatment plant Utrecht treats wastewater for 530,000 people. The RWF capacity is 15.000 m3/h. With Aquasuite MINE they have a better dewatering performance and transport is optimised….

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Aquasuite PURE

Aquasuite PURE optimises nutrients removal and sludge supply to sludge line. Download your leaflet for more info.


Aquasuite FLOW

Aquasuite FLOW improves wastewater treatment performance by controlling and monitoring wastewater transport. Download your leaflet for more info.


Aquasuite MINE

Aquasuite MINE reduces sludge disposal and chemical usage. Download your leaflet for more info.


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