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Aquasuite Analytics

Actionable insights at your fingertips to effortlessly track your KPIs

Aquasuite Analytics enables accurate predictions and well-considered decisions to manage water and wastewater

What is Aquasuite Analytics?

Aquasuite Analytics makes critical information visible in a convenient level of detail at the required time in dashboards to track your KPIs. Therefore, you can see how you’re performing on each measurement. This helps you to make faster and better decisions for efficiencies in water and wastewater control and more cost-efficient management. The AI-powered virtual operator augments your operations by automating activities, which results in more time for you to solve complex problems. In collaboration with our data scientists, water and wastewater specialists, and clients, we’re continuously improving the Aquasuite platform and adding new functionalities.

Secure, reliable and scalable

Aquasuite Analytics is a secure, reliable and scalable cloud platform for data analysis, dashboards and reports. The exponential growth of water and wastewater related data from multiple sources are provided in an overview of trends, displayed in charts, tables and asset info. This includes data from Aquasuite products as well as data from other sources such as weather forecasts.

Intuitive data display

Live data is presented in visualisations that are clickable that enable you to view your KPIs per area in more detail. For example, you can view the performance of your installations per specific area. Moreover, you can also view your entire plant to compare the performance of your installations with each other. Via specific KPI dashboards you can monitor and improve performance on different levels. In addition, you can also easily share your data through data export.

How does it work?

Based on smart algorithms, real-time data and historical datasets are automatically translated into actionable insights. Valuable data about for example the performance of installations, water demand, energy consumption and the calculated effluent quality of multiple areas can be compared with each other. This can be done over multiple periods in terms of weeks, months and years. Besides, data provided by other parties, such as laboratory results, weather radar data, camera images and open data, can be easily integrated. This way, you have all relevant data in a single place for smarter data analysis and well-considered decision-making.

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Vitens streamlines water production and distribution with Aquasuite OPIR

Vitens is the Netherlands’ largest drinking water provider, supplying more than 5.6 million households in Friesland, Overijssel, Gelderland, Flevoland and Utrecht with clean drinking water…

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"We are undoubtedly in better control of the operation of the whole wastewater treatment plant, regardless of the flow conditions."

Water Authority Vallei en Veluwe transformed operations at eight wastewater treatment
plants with Aquasuite PURE. They also improved effectivity
and performance of wastewater treatment by integrated catchment control with Aquasuite FLOW….

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Optimised quality of the produced water and minimised operational costs.

Brabant Water delivers about 300.000 m3 drinking water per day for 2,5 million people. The water supply system consists of over 18.000 km water grid and 30 water treatment works….

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Aquasuite BURST

Aquasuite BURST detects and localises the smallest bursts and maps the condition of underground pipes. Download your leaflet for more info.


Aquasuite OPIR

Aqusuite OPIR ensures constant water supply, at a consistent pressure for everyone. Download your leaflet for more info.


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