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Six products, one powerful tool
Aquasuite helps you augment your water and wastewater control with predictive analytics

Aquasuite consists of six products, each addressing a different challenge in the drinking water and wastewater process. Our products work separately. Yet, they integrate seamlessly to create an even more powerful tool to control your drinking water and wastewater proficiently.

Drinking water

Guaranteed fresh water from every tap

Aquasuite OPIR makes highly accurate predictions of water demand within a supply zone. Its virtual operator uses these predictions to ensure abstraction, pumping, reservoirs and valves (abstraction, treatment and distribution) are optimised to meet demand with maximum efficiency and effectiveness….

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Avoid serious water losses

Aquasuite BURST locates leaks and bursts by monitoring the behaviour of drinking water systems and the condition of underground pipes. In the event of deviating behaviour, such as a pipe burst or leak, Aquasuite BURST sends push notifications to the operator or leakage manager, while Aquasuite®…

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Avoid sewer overflows, meet stringent regulations

Aquasuite SEWR detects blocked sewers to prevent flooding, unconsented spills and high penalties What is Aquasuite SEWR? Aquasuite SEWR uses machine learning & AI to provide actionable insights on sewer networks. It is the newest module of Aquasuite and was developed to provide useful information for wastewater network operators.  SEWR provides two key insights:1. Prediction of high levels in the…

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Ensure environmental compliance, reduce opex costs

Aquasuite FLOW is a machine learning and AI solution for wastewater transport. It combines highly accurate prediction of levels and flows with automated optimised control of pumping stations. FLOW maximises usage of sewer networks with the aim of reducing combined sewer overflow events, improving pollution control and ensuring constant flow in to wastewater treatment works (WwTW)….

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Meet effluent quality regulations efficiently

Aquasuite PURE is a machine learning and AI solution for the control and optimisation of wastewater treatment works. It uses the proven Aquasuite AI algorithms to predict influent flow and load, enabling its virtual operator to control the wastewater treatment works with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. With Aquasuite PURE, nutrient removal and the energy and chemical use of your wastewater treatment…

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Minimise sludge handling costs

Aquasuite MINE optimises operational performance of sludge logistics and treatment using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It predicts sludge production and monitors the sludge buffer to automatically optimise the sludge line and both internal and external sludge logistics by prioritising transport movements. This results in higher dewatering, up to 15% less sludge production, less PE…

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Aquasuite Analytics

Aquasuite Analytics makes critical information visible in a convenient level of detail at the required time in dashboards to track your KPIs. You can see how you’re performing on each measurement. This helps you to make faster and better decisions for…

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Other Products

As part of the Aquasuite family of products, we provide award winning products that include Nereda®, Crystalactor and Ephyra®. With our suite of technologies and consultancy and engineering services, we’re able to solve all challenges in the water field.