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Royal HaskoningDHV joins buildingSMART International to lead the charge for Better Information Management

It’s not going to be long before all assets in the built environment have a digital twin. It may sound futuristic, but Royal HaskoningDHV is contributing to that vision, today.

Our fast-moving world is becoming more challenging and ever more uncertain, with increasing economic pressures from across the globe – from Asia Pacific to the Americas.

The expectations of our clients are changing too. They are increasingly eager to take advantage of open BIM standards, and to develop ‘digital twins’ for their assets, to enable more informed and timely decision making.

As a leading construction consultancy, these changing needs means we need to think differently. To look at new approaches. To ensure we deliver exceptional outcomes for every single project we undertake. To amplify our expertise through new ways of working.

Today, more than ever before, we need to stay one step ahead of the game to be successful.

It’s this determination to be at the forefront of the construction industry that’s led us to join buildingSMART International https://www.buildingsmart.org/.

Why buildingSMART?

buildingSmart is an international organisation for developing open, information exchange standards for the built environment including bridges, roads, railways, tunnels, buildings, renewables, airports, waterways, docks and many other assets. Its vision is to drive the transformation of the built asset economy, through the creation and adoption of open, international standards.

Better information management for our clients, whether these are large or small, is one of our top ambitions. Becoming an international member of buildingSMART gives us access to an unrivalled network of expertise in the most advanced tools and best ways of working with complex data.

Pro-actively contributing and collaborating with this organisation allows us to achieve outstanding results for our clients and keep Royal HaskoningDHV at the forefront within our industry.

We are operating in a truly international industry and open standards give us a common language for digital information exchange that can be understood right across the world. Much has been achieved by buildingSMART already, but there is a long way to go for this ambitious enterprise. It is clear that momentum is building and we join at a very exciting time.

We are very pleased to be contributing to the development of these standards for Harbours and Ports, working with China Communications Construction Company, Cardiff University, AEC3 and others. We are also contributing to open BIM standards for airports working with Schiphol Airport with whom we already have a long-standing relationship. The learning from these collaborations will also allow us to translate best practise for the benefit of wider projects and clients.

Enhancing Society Together

Complex influences such as economic, environmental, and societal factors characterise all phases of a project from conception through design and construction to operation. Built assets contribute significantly to the wider economy. By applying diverse know-how and data analytical techniques there is a great opportunity to deliver truly high value assets by providing decision makers with the right information at the right time. For this to work collaboration is key. No-one can do this alone. The foundation is open BIM: common processes, definitions and information exchange standards.

Membership of buildingSMART gives us this, but that’s not all. We also get greater access and insight into best practices on a whole host of new tools and services, such as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Asset Management.

For example, the ability to use data to create a virtual model of a built asset like an airport is an incredibly powerful tool. It enables us to truly understand the impact a new project will have on that asset and its environment before a single step is made in the real world. It also gives clients much more reliable information on their investment.

With virtual models or digital twins, together with clients and partners we will be able to monitor existing assets and, using sophisticated analytics, predict and test theoretical scenarios using real world data. Anticipating issues or operational challenges before they even happen.

The breadth of digital resources such as these is enormous, and growing quickly. Our buildingSMART membership gives us a lot of advantages, where we can learn from leading organisations around the world and take advantage of new technology as it develops. This amplifies our existing expertise and puts us in a strong position for the future.

Developing expertise in a digital world

These new advances and innovations of course mean we have to change the way we work.

To take advantage of new digital tooling new skill sets are required. We now need expertise in a whole range of disciplines, from technology and engineering to creativity, communications and data analytics. Automated and generative design are the future of our business but this doesn’t mean technology replaces people. Technology allows us to bring teams together virtually, making it easy for us to connect the mindpower of our colleagues, partners and clients across the world.

We are also seeing that expertise is more diversely spread across the supply chain than ever before and we want to make sure that we can access the very best for our clients. We are recognising that engaging external partners and recruiting the right people can amplify what we are able to offer our clients.

The Future Is Here!

Ultimately, our international membership with buildingSMART will help Royal HaskoningDHV to combine what we do best with new ways of working which will deliver information to our clients in a much smarter way. We can use new methods and new technology to succeed, whilst keeping human expertise at the heart of everything we do.

The future is here, the technology is waiting … and we are eager to take full advantage!

Author: Mike Ramsay

29 - 03 - 2018 Author: maha