Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg


Aquasuite PURE, Aquasuite FLOW


The waterboard treats 411.000 m3 wastewater per day for 1,1 million people with 17 wastewater treatment plants.
Wastewater treatment plant Susteren treats about 55.000 m3 per day for 322.500 people.
The wastewater transport system for WWTP Venray transports wastewater from 70,000 people with 7 pumping stations. The RWF capacity at WWTP Venray is 1375 m3/h.


In the central control room, Aquasuite provides continuous overview and smart dashboarding of the largest plants. It enables early detection of deviations and monitoring process performance.

Aquasuite PURE at WWTP Susteren: “The control system of Royal HaskoningDHV is ultimately selected as the best choice. In 2013, a pilot project with this system was conducted at WWTP Susteren. The result of the pilot is that there is 9% less air insertion with equal effluent quality, which results in a significant energy saving.” (Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg’s annual report).

Aquasuite FLOW at wastewater transport system Venray results in reduced operational and maintenance costs. It enables predictive maintenance: performance indicators for pumps, resistance of pipelines, energy consumption, sewage supply characteristics and discharge events are real-time monitored.