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About us

We aim to make an impactful contribution to the human right
to clean water and sanitation around the world

The Aquasuite team is part of Royal HaskoningDHV, an international engineering, technology and software company. We aim to make an impactful contribution with our clients and partners to the human right to clean water and sanitation around the world. How? By making any type of water drinkable and safely managing sanitation through the development of AI-driven and (semi) autonomous technology for a future proof water and wastewater infrastructure.

Together with our partners and clients we are creating valuable solutions for water in cities in the field of wastewater, drinking water, indus­trial water and water management.

Royal HaskoningDHV provides a suite of state of the art, patented and award-winning products and technologies that is delivered seamlessly to our clients.

Whether solving society’s challenges such as water scarcity, access to drinking water, protecting water resources, or reducing our water footprint, our approach focuses on the sustainability of the solutions provided, mini­mising energy requirements, and maximising recovery of resources.

Royal HaskoningDHV shows leadership in innovation by working together with business partners, knowledge institutions, providors and clients.

Water companies have always been faced with challenges around managing network flows while maintaining water quality. Back in the 1990s our work with water clients highlighted the issues arising from intermittent water processing: particularly in that pumping at maximum capacity affected water quality. It was clear that the solution was to create a control system that would match water supply to demand and create smooth, steady flow throughout the network. The Aquasuite concept was born.

From engineering to building software

At that time, as an engineering and consultancy firm we would have created a design outsourced the programming. But the urgency and need across many clients let us to decide to build the software ourselves. Within two months the first Aquasuite software was complete. One year after its first implementation in 1996, the second installation took place. This rapidly followed by hundreds of other clients around the globe.

Driving water sustainability – together

Together with our clients and partners, we drive towards a sustainable, resilient and reliable water infrastructure, for clean drinking water and sanitation around the globe. With the AI-powered virtual operator, we are taking important steps in keeping water infrastructure resilient and reliable to ensure safe, clean drinking water and sanitation around the globe now and in the future.

Leakage rates of just 5 to 6%

Today, as the global population grows, the demand for clean water intensifies. In addition, climate change is driving more erratic weather events from droughts to major storms. The world’s water companies must therefore maximise the supply of clean drinking water, mitigate the impact of weather events and maintain a guaranteed supply of water to homes and businesses.

Today, 60% of drinking water supplied in the Netherlands is controlled by Aquasuite, with leakage rates of just 5 to 6%. Much more than a water management planning tool, it delivers complete efficiency and quality, together with control of water pollution. Our software is helping already thousands of industrial, municipal and commercial clients address the water challenge.

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