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Gain actionable insight on your wastewater infrastructure while Aquasuite optimises performance 
Aquasuite is an AI-powered analyst and autopilot for forward thinking utilities and industries

  • Improve operations within existing networks, assets and systems
  • Automate tasks for ever-increasing complex infrastructure
  • Keep your assets future proof
Gain actionable insight on your drinking water infrastructure while Aquasuite optimises performance 
Aquasuite is an AI-powered analyst and autopilot for forward thinking utilities and industries
  • Improve operations within existing networks, assets and systems
  • Automate tasks for ever-increasing complex infrastructure
  • Keep your assets future proof


The Aquasuite innovation

Aquasuite is a proven smart water technology that monitors, analyses, visualises and controls the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure through predictive analytics and machine learning. While you gain full real-time visibility across your complete water and/or wastewater network and treatment, Aquasuite controls your day-to-day operations.

We have helped already thousands of industrial, municipal and commercial assets to:

  • maintain a constant flow of water supply, creating a calm network
  • avoid water losses and improve customer service
  • achieve environmental compliance
  • meet effluent quality regulations
  • reduce opex costs
  • turn waste into renewable energy source

Aquasuite's capabilities

Dashboard analytics & reporting

Visualising performance
Get a birds-eye view of your critical assets, networks and systems in one dashboard to concentrate on the important metrics and KPIs. Multiple datasets from numerous sources are connected and displayed in visualisations such as graphs, tables and reports in Aquasuite Analytics. Your data flow is automated, ensuring you supervise the performance of your infrastructure live to make the right decisions at the right time.

Virtual operator

Augment your operations team
Automate critical day-to-day operations through Aquasuite’s virtual operator and save time on routine tasks to focus more on strategic needs to improve business performance. The AI-powered virtual operator augments your operations by automating activities, which results in more time for you to solve complex problems. Decide which processes and workflows you want to automate, while you supervise performance and make the right decisions at the right time.

Real-time decision support tools

Confidence in critical decision-making
Make critical decisions based on recommended actions, forecasted demand, detected abnormalities and failures for more balanced water and wastewater management. The real-time decision support tools use a wide range of reliable and relevant water data to provide you with critical information in a convenient level of detail at the required time. This enables you to make transparent data-informed decisions to drive operational and financial efficiency.

Predictive analytics & machine learning

Anticipate next move 
Daily learned patterns of water demand, quality, influent and effluent flow and load are uncovered to automatically optimise performance and drive effective decision making. To make predicitions about future events, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are used, analysing historical and real-time data. This helps you to forecast demands, anticipate abnormalities and failures, and reduce operating costs.

How it works


Aquasuite connects to your existing systems (SCADA, PLCs, process databases) and sensors.


It collects and analyses complex historical and real-time datasets to make predictions.


Aquasuite’s virtual operator uses the predictions to control your day-to-day operations with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.


As an operator and manager, you supervise the performance of the infrastructure through dashboards and data visualisations, which helps you focus on the right events and to make informed decisions, fast.

Learn from our customers

Vitens streamlines water production and distribution with Aquasuite OPIR

Vitens is the Netherlands’ largest drinking water provider, supplying more than 5.6 million households in Friesland, Overijssel, Gelderland, Flevoland and Utrecht with clean drinking water…

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"We are undoubtedly in better control of the operation of the whole wastewater treatment plant, regardless of the flow conditions."

Water Authority Vallei en Veluwe transformed operations at eight wastewater treatment
plants with Aquasuite PURE. They also improved effectivity
and performance of wastewater treatment by integrated catchment control with Aquasuite FLOW….

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Optimised quality of the produced water and minimised operational costs.

Brabant Water delivers about 300.000 m3 drinking water per day for 2,5 million people. The water supply system consists of over 18.000 km water grid and 30 water treatment works….

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controlled by Aquasuite in the industrial, municipal and commercial markets.


with Aquasuite’s self-learning automated detection of leaks & bursts.


total drinking water consumption monitored and controlled by Aquasuite.

Our solutions

Clean drinking water solutions for utilities - non revenue water - leak detection - water supply, smart water

Drinking water

Water demand can vary significantly by area and time of day. As a drinking water company, you want to secure your customers a constant, uninterrupted supply of high-quality water at all times. Realising this depends on many factors, including the reliability of your systems and their performance, and your ability to make accurate predictions based on quality data. Read more about the drinking water solutions we offer with Aquasuite.

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Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment

Industries grow and transform rapidly and with ambitious targets put pressure on water and energy usage. While industrial wastewater treatment is often not part of the core business, it is an important process that is critical for the continued success of your company. Wastewater treatment requires adequate measures and ongoing effort to remain compliant and help optimize economic and environmental performance.

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Municipal wastewater treatment & transport

The rising demand for freshwater and stricter effluent quality regulations call for efficient solutions to treat and reuse wastewater in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Whether you need to treat municipal or commercial wastewater or industrial effluent, our solutions will meet your operational requirements and demands.

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ludge treatment and disposal - sludge wastewater treatment

Sludge treatment and disposal

The level of wastewater produced each year is putting treatment plants under increasing pressure. The disposal of sludge is a growing challenge for the industry. Our aim is to reduce sludge output and chemical use and in case of digestors increase the production of biogas. Gaining better control of your sludge line delivers more degradation, better dewatering and reduces chemical use. Further benefits include higher biogas

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